General Purpose Lighting

Representing manufacturers from Europe, North America and Australia, CINMAR can cater to any project need. Our partners are able to offer customized solutions and value propositions in order to enhance the appearance of different spaces. We offer multiple options of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to suit any space and budget

Decorative Lighting

CINMAR’s dedicated decorative lighting department has access to the world’s most specialized decorative lighting manufacturers. We offer fabric, crystal, and hand blown glass to satisfy any taste. Our team will help select a pendant, to your style, matching your budget, that you can call art

Urban / Roadway Lighting and Street Furniture

Creating safe, functional, and relaxing public spaces. The urban team provides different solutions according to customer needs, from classic styles to contemporary shapes, always in harmony with the landscape and hardscape around them. The use of aluminum, wood and concrete in our lighting poles, bollards, benches, and other urban furniture, enables us to stay true to the environment while building comfortable spaces for occupants

Dynamic Media Façades

Every building has its own unique character with masses of different materials. Seamlessly integrating a media layer into architectural structures empowers
new approaches for visionary design. Innovative tools and fixtures are allowing architects and designers to develop more dynamic architectural concepts. CINMAR’s in-house team of engineers will take the project from concept to completion. We procure, install, and commission media façades, providing clients with peace of mind and a ‘one-stop-shop’

Central Battery Systems and Emergency Escape Lighting

Fire protection engineering and life safety involve a large array of specialty services. Emergency lighting is one component of the means-of-egress illumination and is part of a building’s life safety systems. Our engineers are trained in the design, supply, and installation of these systems and have successfully completed numerous projects in the region

Smart Home Automation

A house that reads your thoughts. A home automation system simplifies control, adds comfort, increases safety, and saves energy. Our team will design an intuitive system, tailored to your needs, that adds value to the home and improves your daily life

Lighting Control and Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting has become the standard in the fields of lighting, sustainable architecture, and active daylighting industries. By partnering with the pioneers of the field, CINMAR offers mature and tested technologies that bring down energy consumption leading to a greener tomorrow and sustainable future